On Sundays Third Graders explore the foundations of Jewish life:

  • Ivrit  where students learn Hebrew in a call and response manner.  From week 1 students will be able to understand the language that binds us together and learn the Hebrew words used on holidays, in the synagogue, and home rituals.
  • Shira (music) where students learn beloved songs of the Jewish people
  • Chagim where students learn about the regular holidays and create objects, read stories, and practice rituals associated with those holidays.
  • Chugim - Students choose how they want to learn about Jewish culture through art, drama, cooking and more!

On Sundays and Tuesdays Students participate in T’fillot gaining familiarity with prayers, the act of praying, and connect to clergy.

Our Tuesdays 3rd grade JQuesters research our holy days and Ancient Israel as part of their two Quests.  Students learn about core Jewish holidays, teaching about the holiday cycle to our younger students. Students then focus on Ancient Israel becoming familiar with the prophets, kings and moral ethics that served as the foundation of our Biblical land.