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Support a Fund

The Arts

Judith Altman Museum – used to benefit the Temple Judea Museum

Goldsmith Organ – supports maintenance of the sanctuary pipe organ

High Holy Day Music - provides funding for the musicians during the HHD

Kahn Music Fund – used to sponsor musical programs at KI

King David Harp Society - supports Sacred Music programming

Music Arts - supports our Virtuosi Concert Series

Temple Judea Museum Fine Arts Fund –  supports the on-going operational and/or acquisition expenses incurred by the museum


Community Funds

Cannon Fund - scholarship assistance for youth trips to Israel

General Contributions - used to supplement the operating income of the congregation, which is primarily comprised of membership dues

KIGreenfaith - supports Greenfaith projects that seek to create a sustainable environment

HaMotzi - provides funds to feed the food insecure

Renee & Ben Richman Elder Care Fund - enables senior citizens to participate in KI programming

Social Action - provides funds for projects that help to heal the world and support Tikkun Olam

Weyl Fund – Sharing is Caring - provides for the purchase, preparation and delivery of meals for the homebound

Jerry & Charlotte New Streaming Fund - provides funding for weekly live streaming of our services


Philanthropic Funds

Rabbi’s - used as the Rabbi, in his discretion, deems advisable; specifically benefits KI and the KI community

Cantor’s – used as the Cantor, in her discretion, deems advisable; specifically benefits KI and the KI community

Educator’s Philanthropic Fund – used to benefit KI and the KI community



Adam’s Library Fund – used to purchase contemporary literature for the KI Library

Adult Education Contributions - supports the Adult Education of the congregation

Brotherhood Contributions - supports the programs and activities of KI's Men of Reform Judaism

Korn Hearing Impaired Fund – used to enhance services and programs at KI for the hearing impaired

Library – provides support for the operation of the library

Preschool – used for the support of special programs and to bring guests in to the preschool

Rosenau (Fay and Leo) Fund – supports programming for senior adults at KI

Scholarship (Millicent & Mark Kay Scholarship ) Fund – used to stimulate our children’s interest in Jewish learning by encouraging attendance at programs where they will be exposed to religious experiences

Valerie Pollack Fund - provides funding for special projects

Women of KI - supports the programs and activities of KI’s Women of Reform Judaism

Yesner Religious School Fund - supports the programs and activities of the educational program for children and teens


Other Funds

21st Century Fund – finances building maintenance projects and improvement

KIPAH - Archives Fund - provides funding for the maintenance of our historic records

Oneg Shabbat Contribution –  provides for the reception following Shabbat services when not sponsored by a committee for a specific event

Yahrzeit - a contribution in memory of a loved one


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