Our commitment to Inclusion is at the heart of our community, ensuring active participation and dignity for all. KI embraces and celebrates diversity in all its forms. We welcome everyone, regardless of religion, age, abilities, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender identity, marital or familial status, and citizenship. Read our Mission Statement here!

Our Inclusion Committee is chaired by KI congregant Ellen Sklaroff.  To join our Inclusion Committee or to learn more about KI’s efforts around Inclusion, please contact Ellen Sklaroff  (ellensklaroff@gmail.com).

Our Accomplishments

Our Committee was established by Cantor Amy E. Levy and Ellen Sklaroff in 2018

  • Inclusion Committee with monthly meetings
  • Pride Flag 
  • Pride Shabbat
  • Diverse Leadership at KI
  • JDAIM (Jewish Disabilities Acceptance and Inclusion Month) Shabbat
  • Inclusion Trainings for our B/Mitzvah Tutors
  • Inclusion Audit for KI Building
  • Mental Health Panels
  • Creation of Inclusion Quilt by KI Congregant, Bonnie Kane
  • Strong Relationship with AADD, dinners, programming and Shabbats

Events Planned for 2024: Stay tuned for details!

Friday, February 9th ~ 6pm Dinner & 7pm JDAIM Shabbat dinner and services with AADD 

Friday, June 14th ~ 7pm Pride Shabbat

Inclusion Fund (donate here)Your support allows KI to deepen our work in Inclusion and fully support this sacred work