The Garden

The Mae Wallerstein Fineshriber (1883-1963) Memorial Garden is located adjacent to the southern end of the KI building. It is a tranquil landscaped area including evergreens and flowers. Benches are available for those desiring an outdoor space on our campus for contemplation and relaxation.

The Garden serves as an area for our congregants to memorialize their loved ones and bury cremains. A plaque at the entrance identifies the Garden as sacred space. Care of the Garden is generously provided by the Brantz and Bedrick families in memory of George Brantz (z”l).


Memorial Plaques

For those wishing to permanently memorialize their loved ones buried in the garden or for those who see the Garden, solid brass engraved plaques are now available.  A large wall plaque measuring 8”x5” is $720; a plaque mounted on a brick measuring 7.5”x1.75” is $360.

Dedications will help us maintain and beautify this space. Please contact Naomi Godel in the KI office at

215-887-8700 or email for more information or to order a plaque.

A note about Cremation:
Reform Judaism has allowed cremation since the beginning of the 20th century. If you want to discuss cremation with a member of our clergy, please call 215-887-8702.