KI offers many worship opportunities for our diverse congregation including an 8PM regular Friday Night Service, a monthly Shabbat Family Evening Service, weekly Saturday morning Torah Study at 9 AM, Saturday morning services with Bnai Mitzvah and a variety of contemporary services featuring meditation, mindfulness, Yoga and healing.  In addition, there are also services for all Jewish holidays including a second night Passover Seder. For congregants at nearby Rydal Park Retirement Home, we offer a monthly afternoon Shabbat Service on location at Rydal.  For our Preschoolers we offer weekly Tot Services with the famous KI puppets as well as a monthly Preschool Friday night service and dinner.

"Prayer is the service of the heart."

Talmud Ta'anit

We are particularly proud of the use of technology in how we present our services including PowerPoint and video.  Our sacred music repertoire is extensive - ranging from traditional Hazzanut to adult and children’s choirs, various instrumental ensembles and guest soloists. All our Bar and Bat Mitzvah services are tailored to meet the needs of our students and their families. We have an annual creative Confirmation Service written and led by the Confirmation Class.  We offer individualized baby namings and weddings.   We work closely and compassionately with grieving families to create meaningful, comforting funerals.  At KI, we believe that contemporary worship styles mixed with ancient traditions can be enormously uplifting and meaningful. For our texts, we are anchored in the Mishkan series recently created by the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR).  Lastly, we seek to create a love of the Hebrew language and use it in our services in meaningful and engaging ways for non-Hebrew speakers.

As Reform Jews, we are committed to the principle of inclusion in all of its dimensions for all of our programs.

As Reform Jews, we are committed to the absolute equality of women in all areas of Jewish life.

We Reform Jews are committed to the full participation of the LQBTQ+ community in synagogue life as well as society at large.