Dear KI Congregants,

Shanah Tovah! Thank you so much for your generosity, making this past year such a sweet success on so many levels. Our Preschool continues to thrive as we transition to a new director. Our Religious School programs are strong and vibrant. Our Adult Educational programs are compelling and relevant – as is our work around Israel, social justice, the arts, and inclusion. 

However, we have a problem, and I’m requesting your help. The amount of money KI spends annually for operations and programming to match our values and our strategic goals outpaces the amount of money KI receives throughout the year from membership dues, Spring Celebration, tuition, special donations, and other typical revenue sources.

Fortunately, we have a plan. KI’s Trustees, staff, and clergy have been analyzing this recurring structural deficit and developing bold plans to raise additional funds through new ideas that are innovative and achievable. 

Even as we implement these solutions, thank you for your High Holy Day gift to help mitigate our financial challenges right now and allow KI to continue to flourish this year. 

One of the great thrills of this past year was watching Rabbi David meet and connect with so many members of our diverse community. He inspired us with his sermons, led us on an inspirational trip to Israel, connected with our Confirmands in Washington, DC and our young teens on the Civil Rights trip, and nurtured our kids week after week. He has provided pastoral care to so many with grace and dignity. We are finding him to be endlessly patient, knowledgeable, and understanding.  

Perhaps you were present in May as our Confirmation class stood on our bimah to lead us in a highly memorable Shavuot service. As the twilight sun streamed through the Landau windows, those Tenth-Graders made it clear to everyone that they felt safe, cared for, and embraced by KI, in particular by our clergy and teachers. 

Here are just three of the many affirming quotes from our Confirmands: 

“I feel so connected to and supported by my synagogue community.”

“…Confirmation this year has given me a stronger connection to my own personal Judaism.” 

“I feel prepared by Rabbi David’s teachings and secure in my knowledge. It is time to utilize what Rabbi has taught me and move into the next phase of my Jewish journey…”

Your generous gift this season will help ensure that our clergy and staff can continue to provide the highest quality Jewish experiences for our youth and all of our Congregants this coming year.

As we look forward, I am excited to not only work with Rabbi David as he continues to guide us; I am eager as well to celebrate Cantor Levy’s 20th year with us! She brings such joy and comfort to so many. She leads our vast music program, prepares our B’nai Mitzvah students, works closely with our teens, and heads the important work of Champions for Cheltenham, Inclusion, Social Action, and so much more. 

At this solemn time of reflection and prayer, I’m truly grateful to you for supporting our Congregation as a whole and in particular the critical work of Rabbi David and Cantor Levy. They, along with our fabulous staff and lay leadership, are working hard every day to provide our Congregants with synagogue experiences that are emotionally powerful and empowering – all against a backdrop of revenue shortfalls, increased antisemitism, and difficult life challenges so many of us face.

KI needs your financial help to continue to be a place of safety and a force for good in our immediate and broader communities. 

Please donate above, mail your donation today, or call the office now at 215-887-8700 to pledge your support for KI.

Your tax-deductible donation will help ensure that we meet our aggressive goal of $5,000 higher than last year. We are grateful for your gift this season.

L’Dor V’Dor — with your help, may we go from this generation to the next,  from Strength to Strength,

Andrew Altman, President 

P.S. I’m grateful for your thoughtful gift supporting KI’s clergy as they support our youth, our seniors, and our entire synagogue community through simchas, grief, life’s challenges, and everyday needs. Please join your fellow Congregants in making this year’s HHD drive the most successful yet.

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