4. September 17-December, 2000

A Select Few Select

DESCRIPTION: This exhibition was a showcase of objects from the permanent collection of the museum. However, while most exhibitions are organized around a theme, this exhibition was organized around the personal tastes of a group of invited “guest selectors”.

The exhibition committee chose “guest selectors”, most of them from fields removed from the traditional world of museums. An educator, artist, art collector, gallery owner, and television personality, had all been invited to peek into the vaults and storage racks of the museum.

Our expectation was to bring a fresh perspective to the selection of objects for exhibition. Certainly, objects that have seldom, or never, been viewed would grace the gallery cases and would reveal the breadth of the permanent collection.

A Select Few Select contained archaeological treasures, ceremonial objects, newspaper ephemera, traditional art, textile samplers, tablecloths, spice boxes in the shapes of fish, birds, or ?, Civil War items, Ethiopian Jewish handmade baskets, elegant antique New Year cards, a festive Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel by Arthur Syzk, etc.  

SELECTORS: Helen Drutt, The Vogel’s, Dan Rosenfeld, Sora Landes, Judy Maislin, Karen Sirota, Karen Shain Schloss