The Shir KI Adult Choir (SKAVC) is under the leadership and direction of Hazan David Tilman, Cantor Amy Levy and Organist Andrew Senn.  SKAVC enhances the beauty of Shabbat, High Holidays and Holiday Services throughout the year with beautiful music and voice. The music varies and includes a multitude of liturgical composers of different origins.

The Choir is like a family; the strong vibrant vocal sound emanating from SKAVC’S four (4) professional singers makes singing together a pure joy enhancing the beauty of the music.   Without the guidance and direction of those mentioned SKAVC would never have accomplished their goals.

The majority of SKAVC members are KI Congregants with the exception of a few who are members of synagogues without a choir and those who are unaffiliated.

If you are interested in joining the Choir please contact Cantor Amy Levy in the KI Clergy office 215.887.8702