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  • Monday | March 1, 2021
  • 10:30 am

FANNING THE SPARK – THE CREATIVE PROCESS SHERRY V. OSTROFF How does a writer find the idea, the spark, that flares into a compelling novel – worthy enough to engage a reader for hours? Follow Author Sherry V. Ostroff as she describes her journey into the world of fictional writing and the creative process from its embryonic stage until it becomes a tale that hooks readers from the first page. Sherry V. Ostroff is the author of two books: The Lucky One, a memoir, and Caledonia, a multi-generational tale of a young Jewish woman who gets caught up in a history-changing event in the late 17th century. Currently, she is writing the sequel to Caledonia. Ostroff earned a Bachelor’s in education from Temple University and a Master’s in history from Millersville University. Originally from Philadelphia, the author resides in Lancaster County with her high school sweetheart. Copies of Caledonia and The Lucky One will be available for sale on Amazon. This message is from Sherry Ostroff – I’d like to offer ten free signed copies of Caledonia or The Lucky One to your attendees. Here’s what they have to do. They would have to contact me by email ( to request a copy. In exchange, for a free book, they would have to attend the program and write a review on Amazon. That’s it. Do you think that is something we could work out? If not, no problem. (I read The Lucky One. It’s great.)