KI welcomes Rabbi Josh Weinberg (Zoom)

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  • Wednesday | January 4, 2023
  • 7:00 pm
  • Zoom
  • 2158878700
Dear Friends:
It was a pleasure to join with so many of you last night to learn about the new Israeli government. Our speaker, Rabbi Josh Weinberg, was engaging, thoughtful and clear. While we have numerous reasons to be anxious and concerned regarding the incoming administration, we must remember that our love of Israel and ongoing relationship with Israel is larger than any one coalition or political party. While much of this new leadership group is vehemently opposed to Reform Judaism and those who dare to advocate for a diverse Israel, there are still reasons to be hopeful. I am heartened, for instance, by the presence of Rabbi Gilad Kariv holding a seat in the Knesset, as I am by the continued growth of non-Orthodox Judaism in Israel. Now is the time for us to lean in, rather than disengage. Now is the time for us to fight for an Israel of inclusion and acceptance. There are various ways for us to do that both now and going forward:
–We can support the work of ARZA and the IMPJ, both of which fight for an Israel of equality, democracy, and justice.!/donation/checkout
–We can continue to educate ourselves on Israel when it comes to current events, cultural realities, science and art, and the many social movements that are alive and well in the state of Israel.
–We can join KI’s Israel committee and help bring Israel to our congregational community in meaningful ways.
–You can travel to Israel with me and Cantor Levy this summer and take in the true beauty of our Homeland with your own eyes. Give yourself the gift of exploring the complexities and wonders of Israel for yourself. You can register and/or find our more here.
A recording of last night’s program can be found below.
Thank you so much. Sending my best to you and your loved ones.
Rabbi Benjamin P. David