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  • Monday | December 7, 2020
  • 10:30 am

Monday, December 7 10:30 a.m.



This is the retelling of the events of a fateful day during World War II when, during the largest battle ever fought in the history of the US infantry and one of the bloodiest, during the most atrocious winter weather, deep in the rugged and desolate area of the Ardennes Forrest, in the tiny village of Malmedy, Belgium, 130 American soldiers  of Battery B of the 285th Field Observation Unit were ambushed by the 1st Regiment of the Sixth Panzer Division of the German army led by its dashing but ruthless commander, Joachim Peiper.  Ms. Adelman describes what happened to those American soldiers and the effects of the encounter on later events in the war.  Marilyn Adelman is a former secondary education social studies teacher.  She later switched careers to become a paralegal and spent 35 years working for center city law firms in business and corporate law, and for a private venture capital company that invested primarily in technology companies.  She has a B. S. in Secondary Education from Temple University.

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