Our youngest students embark in JQuest B’Yachad with two Quests for Jewish Identity.  In these Quests, Kindergarten students seek to answer the questions: “What is a synagogue and who are its leaders?” and “How can we know God?”. In the fall students are encouraged to investigate the synagogue, exploring the building, people, and interviewing clergy and staff to create a presentation to share their learning.  This Quest is perfect for our students who are just beginning their secular education and are keenly aware of their uniqueness as Jews.  In the Spring our students explore where we see holiness and Godliness in our lives and create an expression of their belief in Adonai and their understanding of the Creator of All.

In addition to the Quests, Kindergarteners participate in learning activities that help them gain Hebrew and prayer skills and allow them to learn about the cycle of the Jewish year.

The Kindergarten day includes:

  • T’fillot with families to gain familiarity with prayers, the act of praying, and connect to clergy
  • Ivrit  where students learn Hebrew in a call and response manner.  From week 1 students will be able to understand the language that binds us together and learn the Hebrew words used on holidays, in the synagogue, and home rituals.
  • Shira (music) where students learn beloved songs of the Jewish people
  • Chagim Chugim where students learn about the regular holidays and create objects, read stories, and practice rituals associated with those holidays.