Mask Making Materials:
-3 pieces of 6 X 9″ cotton material, cut up sheets or pillow cases will do.
-4 pieces of 12″ shoe lace or bias tape would do.
-Twist ties.
Directions: Place the pieces of material wrong side out. The center piece should face right side to right side with one of the pieces.
Sew – start sewing on one of the long sides at 1/2 way down, so when you come around you will leave an opening to turn it right side out.
While you are sewing around and get to the other long side place a twist tie in the top, centering it, where you sew to keep it in place.
Remember to leave an opening when you get back to the first long side.
Turn it outside out. Flatten, iron if you want. Sew 1/4″ around the outside of the piece. When you get to the short sides make two pleats to make the mask curve. Fold the folds in the same direction.
When finished sewing around, add the shoe laces or stings one on each corner.