Moral Compass

WHAT: An invitation from the Meyers Library and the Temple Judea Museum (TJM) to participate in a creative writing event that will be part of an upcoming TJM exhibition


WHEN: January 15 – March 5, 2021 (The end date may change a little)

WHERE: The Temple Judea Museum Gallery and online on our YouTube channel

CREATIVE WRITING EVENT: While artists express themselves in their studio work, others turn to writing to express their inner most thoughts.  Members of the KI community, adults and children too, are invited to share personal written musings about the crises of our recent time. 


  1. Your story, memoir or musing should be one page.
  2. Email it to or
  3. All writing should be received by December 15, 2020
  4. Writings will be displayed as part of the Moral Compass exhibition and may be posted on-line on the KI and TJM web pages and social media.
  5. Attached are sample writings by Myers Library director, Ellen Tilman and TJM director, Rita Rosen Poley 
  6. Also attached is Moral Compass*
  7. Stories may be edited for length, spelling and grammar.


EXHIBITION STATEMENT:  Since early March 2020 the world has been rocked by crises: The global pandemic with its resulting isolation, deaths and hits to the global economy; and the environmental danger of the increase in global warming are almost universally felt. In addition, here in the United States, the rise in racial tensions as evidenced by reactions to the Black Lives Matter movement and the murders of African Americans, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, to name just two of too many, have added to the pressure cooker environment we are living in. It seems as if each day brings a new crisis as evidenced by the recent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the possibility that her replacement on the Supreme Court will not honor her legacy.  If we add our concerns about the upcoming election it almost becomes too much to bear. This exhibition will offer an opportunity to see how artists in our community have responded and reacted to their own moral compass. 

*Moral Compass is a work by artist jeweler, Marthe Roberts Shea. 

It was created for this exhibition. (See attached)