Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel 

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

This statement is intended to show: (a) the high importance attached to your rights of privacy by Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, (hereinafter Keneseth Israel), its leadership, other members and employees and (b) what we do to protect information entrusted to our care or placed on the Sites by Keneseth Israel or the Keneseth Israel Community.

In order to protect your personal information (“Personal Information”) that Keneseth Israel receives from you and others in the Keneseth Israel Community and to let you know how Keneseth Israel will use such Personal Information, Keneseth Israel has created this Privacy Policy to help inform you as to how we will treat Personal Information online.  

1.0 Definitions.

“Personal Information” may include name, address, email address, electronic correspondence and certain non-public information, including dates of various lifecycle events, documents, or photos for or about you. Personal Information will be collected and maintained solely by Keneseth Israel, not a third party.  

“Keneseth Israel Community” shall mean the members and former members of Keneseth Israel and their immediate families and the employees and officers of Keneseth Israel.  

“Keneseth Israel Partners” shall mean Union for Reform Judaism, Women of Reform Judaism, Men of Reform Judaism, Jewish Federation of Philadelphia, Gratz College, Delaware Valley University and other institutions or organizations deemed by the Board to be important to assisting Keneseth Israel to fulfill its mission (See Keneseth Israel Bylaws).

“Site” shall mean all Keneseth Israel Websites.

2.0 Use of Personal Information

Personal Information will only be used for limited purposes as outlined below.  We may use Personal Information to a) fulfill requests made by you, to answer questions posed by you, and to get feedback from you; b) provide certain information and publications, pertaining to lifecycle events of members and their families, to members of the Keneseth Israel community; c) to contact you, d) to help fulfill Keneseth Israel’s mission; e) to conduct the business affairs of Keneseth Israel, including system troubleshooting or research. Any member may opt out of sharing any Personal Information. If you prefer not to share certain Personal Information, including news of any lifecycle events, please contact us through the Administrative Office. 

We may also provide your Personal Information to Keneseth Israel Partners who may help us fulfill the uses set forth above. We will never sell your Personal Information or allow it to be used by third party commercial entities. We will take reasonable steps to secure Personal Information from loss, misuse, abuse, and unauthorized access while within our control. However, despite our efforts to protect the information provided to us, we cannot guarantee that such information may not be lost, disclosed or accessed by accidental circumstances or by unauthorized acts. 

Our Sites are intended for general use of persons who have reached the age of consent. Any person who has not reached the age of consent in his/her jurisdiction is not permitted to access or use these sites, except with the permission of and oversight of a parent or guardian. We will not knowingly collect or use Personal Information from anyone under the age of consent except with the express written consent of a parent or guardian. If we become aware that such information has been collected or posted to the Sites, we will endeavor to promptly remove such information. 

If you wish to remove Personal Information, please send us an email requesting such removal. This email should be sent to the Administrative Office.  

We try to make sure that all information provided on our Sites, including Personal Information, does not include inaccuracies or typographical errors, but Keneseth Israel does not guarantee the accuracy of such information. We periodically review information. However, errors may still occur. We provide all Site content “AS IS” and without a warranty of any kind. If you wish to correct or modify Personal Information, please send us an email requesting such correction or modification. This email should be sent to the Administrative Office.

You are granted access to the Sites in consideration of your agreement that you release Keneseth Israel, its officers, its employees and its members from liability for any damages, in any form, including consequential and special damages, caused by the posting of information on the Sites; mistakenly sharing Personal Information; the failure of Keneseth Israel security protocols; or a breach of the Keneseth Israel computer systems or Sites. You agree to indemnify Keneseth Israel, its officers and employees and members for all costs associated with such claims for damages or the need to defend against any such claims for damages. 

We may voluntarily share information with government agencies or with third parties engaged in prevention or investigation of unlawful activity, including, but not limited to internet and email scams, phishing, hacking, defamation, hate speech, discrimination, or other potentially criminal or improper activity. We will also cooperate with government agencies or others upon receipt of a subpoena or as otherwise required by law.  Upon receipt of a subpoena requiring Keneseth Israel to provide Personal Information, unless forbidden by law, Keneseth Israel may make reasonable attempts to promptly notify the individual(s) affected by release of the subpoenaed materials. 

Our Sites do not automatically collect any individually identifiable Personal Information from visitors to the Sites. You can visit our Sites without telling us who you are or revealing any identifiable Personal Information about yourself. Keneseth Israel shall not be liable for collection of Personal Information by others that are not under Keneseth Israel control, such as search engines, browsers, or software not owned or controlled by Keneseth Israel. 

Our Sites may provide links to third party sites not owned, controlled or operated by Keneseth Israel. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of such sites or the nature of the information either provided or collected by the sites themselves. Keneseth Israel is also not responsible for the security used by such sites or for the protection of Personal Information placed on such sites. Keneseth Israel is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any information contained on any third-party sites. Providing a link to a site is not intended to and does not imply that Keneseth Israel endorses the information provided, the internet practices or the security exercised by such third-party sites or the site itself. 

3.0 Limitations on Use of Personal Information  

Personal Information provided on the Sites of Keneseth Israel is provided as a courtesy. It may be printed for personal use only. It may not be used for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without the express written consent of the Keneseth Israel Executive Director.

4.0 Modification of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify our privacy policy at any time. You are responsible for reviewing this privacy policy periodically to be aware of such modifications. Your continued use of our Sites after modifications have been made to this Privacy Policy shall be deemed to be your conclusive acceptance of any modified version of this Privacy Policy. We will always alert users at the beginning of the privacy policy statements of any changes that have been made within the last three months.

5.0 Terms and Conditions of Use of Content on the Site

Content on the Keneseth Israel Sites, may include photos, drawings, videos or other documents which are the property of or in the care, custody and control of Keneseth Israel, and are protected by copyright, various other proprietary rights and contractual obligations. Copyright and other proprietary rights in or related to various portions of the content on the Keneseth Israel Sites may be owned by individuals and entities other than, or in addition to, Keneseth Israel. Violations of copyright law and other laws relating to proprietary property are strictly prohibited and will be enforced.

Under no circumstances may any content on any Sites be downloaded or used by any third party for any commercial or non-commercial purpose or published without the express written consent of the Keneseth Israel Executive Director. Content may not be used or manipulated in any way and may not be otherwise reproduced, disseminated or broadcast without the express written permission of Keneseth Israel’s Executive Director. The appearance of any document or photograph on the Sites shall not suggest, in any way, approval or endorsement by Keneseth Israel or that Keneseth Israel is or has knowledge of the copyright owner. Use of or reference to any such documents or photographs shall be attributed to Keneseth Israel and the author or owner.

Adopted by Board of Directors June 2019