10. September, 2002
THE CHOSEN: The Museum Committee Selects Treasures of the Collection

Marlene Adler  *  Myrna Asher * Herb Altman* Lillian Braverman *  Morrie Finkel*Dorothy Freedman * Joan Gross * Connie Kay * Renee Levin * Anita Lipson * Judy Maslin * Norma Meshkov * Lori Mukai* Rita Rosen Poley * Robin Rosenbaum * Karen Schloss * Ruth Schwerin * Claire Schweriner * Natalie Shamberg * Joan Shore * Karen Sirota * Estelle Steinberg * Ann Swern * Mili Dunn-Weiss

DESCRIPTION: The objects on display were representative of varied “Judaic threads”. Of course, they indicated the breadth and scope of the Temple Judea Museum collection. In their variety they fueled the popular question: “What is Jewish Art?” Additionally, the selections were a personality roadmap of those people who chose each specific object. Woven together they presented a “whole cloth”  - the combined talents of the members of the museum committee – and the wonderful collection they nurture. We found the exhibition that resulted from the collaboration of our committee members exciting, eclectic, nostalgic, educational, surprising, and fun! Each item was identified by the name of the person(s) who selected it and, in many cases, the reason for the selection. What might you have chosen?

Rita Rosen Poley, Director/Curator