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A Message from the KI President

Dear KI Congregants,

My Presidency began last June with an expectation that our theme for the year would be one of Tikkun Olam. I have been committed to working on Social Action issues and bringing Social Justice programming to KI since I served as co-President of our Sisterhood over 15 years ago. Of course, our generous congregation has a history of helping those in need in our community in large and small ways. When our HaMotzi dinners had to stop in March when our building closed, we continued to donate to local pantries. Most recently we brought donations to the Interfaith Housing Alliance and St. Paul’s Pantry across from the Lowell Elementary School – where many of our congregants’ tutor during the school year. I want to thank our Sharing is Caring Community for their generosity in making sure our food insecure neighbors are helped.

A few weeks ago, I asked if you would send in your stories of acts of kindness during this pandemic, and here are just two incidents of people helping one another. Many of us who are over 65 have made the decision to self-isolate because we are considered at “high risk.” For some that means not even going out to purchase “essentials.” Here are a few notes that I recently received, with huge thanks to those helpers in our community.

While it is fresh in my mind, I wanted to share with you that my daughter Rachelle has been doing almost all of my shopping. Additionally, Shelley Goldin has been calling us every time she goes to a market to see if there is anything we need. Of course, there is always something we need. So today I made challah and took one to her so she could have it for Shabbat. … Elaine

Going Above and Beyond

At the beginning of the stay at home order, Beverly, the mother of my piano student, offered to food shop for us as well as sanitize everything and deliver the groceries. We accepted the offer for her shopping, but we drive to their home and picked up the order which she leaves in their garage. She also offered to shop for any of our friends that might need help.

When I emailed this morning to ask when she is going next, and that there was something for her at the service desk (I got a $50 food certificate for them)

I received the following email.

“Yes, I plan to go tomorrow. Doesn’t matter if you ever just need bread. Never feel like you need to do something in return. It’s never a problem to go. I coincide with getting my things and my Moms. Easy. Seriously but thank you.” (Bev used the $50.00 towards the groceries and not for herself.) … Fran

These are just a few examples, now I would like to hear from you.

What acts of kindness have you done today? What are you and your friends doing to help one another? Email me!!!


Janice ~

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