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A Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

God of Peace,
Eternal Source of Love:
Be with the people of Ukraine
In this, their hour of need.
Strengthen their resolve to fight
For their freedom and independence.
Be with their friends of every faith and nation in their support of the Ukrainian people.
Bless the citizen soldiers, mothers, and children of Ukraine,
with courage and strength, and be their Shield against aggression and unjustified violence.
Guide world leaders to recognize their truth and stand with the just.
Turn the hearts of those falsely compelled to transgress against the people of peace to see the light of a new day in a land
where wheat, sunflowers and city parks return to the dance of daily life,
Under the blue sky of Your sheltering Presence and the yellow light of your Luminous Love,
may the last grave be filled and sorrow be no more.

Rabbi Lance J. Sussman, Ph.D.