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Poem: God Bless America. 2

God Bless America. 2

God bless America
Ideals that I love
Through the gas and the glass
In the night of our broken laws

From our cities to the White House
To the police stations
Burned and charred
God bless America
Land filled with scars

God bless America
Its streets filled with youth
Crying justice to its leaders
Who decided long ago to be deaf

God bless America
Whose promise is sublime
While its people resist sinking
Into the depths of its hypocrisy
and crime.

God bless America
Land I revere
With its ownerless Bibles
and its prayer-less moments
Filled with anything but love.

God bless America
Land that I love
Praying for justice and for hope
Through its endless search for peace.

Rabbi Lance J. Sussman

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