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History Has Its Eyes on Us: Mark the Centennial of the 19th Amendment With A Renewed Commitment to Vote!

On Tuesday August 18th we marked the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution granting women’s suffrage. Next Wednesday, August 26th, we will celebrate Women’s Equality Day, the date that the ratification was certified in 1920. The 19th Amendment represents the single largest expansion of democratic rights in U.S. history. It marked a huge win in a struggle launched almost a century earlier and cultivated through the abolitionist movement. Women and men from many walks of life, including immigrants and Jews, Native Americans and African Amercans poured themselves into supporting the cause of equality for women. The coalitions were not without tension and contention, and many women who supported the amendment knew that they themselves would not have the right to vote without further changes in the law. But through the effort of all those people, the 19th Amendment became the law of the land.
At this august moment, the centennial of women’s right to vote in this country, we celebrate the right of all eligible voters, and especially women, to vote in the upcoming national election. We also assert our responsibility to safeguard the right of all citizens to vote. Here are some things you can do:
● Join our MitzVOTES team at KI to help mobilize voters and fight voter suppression
● Take the Every Voice Every Vote pledge to commit to register and to vote in November
● Contact your representatives in Congress, consider signing a petition to save the USPS
Remember history has its eyes on us! (click the link and read the lyrics from Hamilton, An American Musical, and check out the song that comes next).
Make Your Plans to Vote in November
Here are some things you can do to be ready to vote in November:
1.    Make sure you’re registered to vote. Deadline for registering to vote is October 19, 2020.
2.    Decide if you’re going to vote in person or by mail.
3.    If you’re voting by mail apply for a mail-in ballot. October 27 2020 is the last day to apply for a mail-in ballot. Do it now. Don’t wait.
4.    If you’re voting in person, make sure you know your polling location. It may have changed. You can look-up your polling place.
5.    Return your mail-in ballot as early as possible by mail or better yet by hand delivery to the County Election Office in Norristown (for Montgomery County Residents).
Take the KI Every Voice Every Vote Pledge to Register and to Vote; so far we have 12 pledges.

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