How Your KI President Keeps Busy During the Pandemic

Dear Congregants,

I must admit that being a Congregational President during this pandemic has been challenging; but staying masked and working around Covid-19 has not stopped me from keeping in touch with what is happening at KI. I thought you might appreciate a glimpse of the meetings and programs I personally attended in December of 2020. (Of course, I saw many of you there, so thanks for all of your support! May you be inspired to stay involved and make a difference in the year ahead!)

  • 4 Weekly Senior Staff Meetings – Zoom planning time
  • 4 Shabbat Services – Watched on Facebook Live
  • 1 Confirmation Service – Congratulations Confirmands!
  • 1 Sisterhood Zoom Shabbat – Don’t (Ever) Let the Lights Go Out! 
  • 3 Bar Mitzvah Celebrations – Mazel Tov and Presentation of Gifts!
  • 4 Weekly Torah Study Sessions – The  Book of Genesis
  • 3 Zonegs with Cantor Amy Levy –Mazel Tov to Ellen Tilman on her retirement, Klezmas music with Ken Ulansey, and a tribute to Educator & Sisterhood member Fran Nodiff, of blessed memory
  • 2 Board of Directors Meetings – Keeping KI strong!
  • 1 Board of Trustees Meeting – Planning for the future!
  • 1 BINGO Fundraiser – Led by Ross M. Levy & Cantor Amy Levy for Sisterhood
  • 1 KI Library Program with former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, author of The Night Archer; and Other Stories (great stories, somewhat provocative & highly recommended)
  • 3 Adult Education programs – From a one act play on Eleanor Roosevelt, to Critical Thinking & Alexander the Great – with thanks to Caryl Levin!
  • 5 Wednesday Rabbi “Rewind” Talks – Zoom Watch Party for Beethoven in Beijing, Jews and Music & Fran Schwartz live on the piano, The Exodus Story, and guest speakers
  • 8 Nights of Community Hanukkah Candle Lighting! (160 Zoom participants tuned in for the first night with Rabbi Sussman and Liz Sussman!)
  • 2 Federation Philadelphia Webinars – Covid-19 Community Updates
  • 1 Zoom Breakfast with President’s from other Reform Congregations in the Philadelphia Suburbs
  • 1 Social Justice Policy Committee meeting and discussion of Ibram X. Kendi’s ideas on How To Be an Anti-Racist
  • 1 Jewish Art Salon Program – featuring the art of our own Joan Myerson Shrager
  • 1 Gratz College 125th Anniversary Celebration honoring CNN Anchor, and Chief Whitehouse Correspondent, Jake Tapper
  • 1 Tired KI President!


  1. Reply
    Susan Fried says:

    You are one excellent President who continues to navigate through this challenging pandemic and keep us all informed on what is going on at KI! Yasher Koach!!

  2. Reply
    Stan Singer says:

    We are very fortunate that you have been our KI President during this challenging period of stress. Keep up the good work !

  3. Reply
    Irv Matusow says:

    Whem. God give you strength and health to continue the unbelievable job you are doing under such conditions.

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