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It is time for KI’s (Online) Spring Celebration 2021

In the past, our Spring Celebration included dinner, dancing, music and entertainment. Call it a Gala, a Celebration, a Fundraiser, a Casino Night, or a Dinner Dance; it is KI’s tradition to plan an Annual Spring Event.

Last year’s event honoring our current and past KI presidents was abruptly cancelled due to the pandemic, and we are not quite ready to celebrate with each other indoors yet, however, I would like to call on you all to support us as we prepare for “KI’s Online 2021 Spring Celebration!”

We have been working behind the scenes planning, filming and planning some more and our Spring Celebration committee has decided that this year our focus should be on celebrating the strength of our community. Once we looked closely at all of the committees that made a difference during this year, we were astounded by what transpired at KI.

Here is just a snippet of the type of Tikkun Olam our wonderful congregants were up to:

  • We donated thousands of dollars to help feed children in Cheltenham schools when schools shut down last March.
  • We partnered with our local anti-hunger network to feed hundreds each week though our summer parking lot food distribution and then through our monthly HaMotzi dinners for the food insecure.
  • We made countless phone calls to our members, continued distributing books from our Meyers library, offered private showings in our Temple Judea Museum & Art Gallery, and Zoomed, Streamed and sent out meaningful events to watch on YouTube to our Congregants.
  • We remembered those in our community who may have been marginalized by being alone, and perfected our Shabbat Services on Facebook and Stream Spot.
  • KI did not rest while the pandemic surged across our country and our world. We closed our doors but not our hearts, we continued Tikkun Olam on an immeasurable scale.
  • We recently became a site for getting a scheduled COVID 19 vaccine.

Spring Celebration Plans in the month ahead:

I look forward to enjoying this Spring Celebration with all of you!