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KI Reopening FAQs

When and where are we worshipping?
During July and August 2021, Friday Evening Services at 6:00 p.m.

We were blessed with good weather for our opening Summer Shabbat Services in our “Tent of Meeting” on June 18th and 25th but on July 2nd the threat of thunderstorms led us inside to our Korn Sanctuary for our first indoor service since March of 2020. Our plan is to worship indoors during the heat of the summer months and schedule casual out-door services in our “Tent of Meeting” as the weather permits.

What is KI’s mask policy?
Do I need to wear a mask at KI if I am vaccinated?
We encourage everyone to be vaccinated; all of our staff are vaccinated! However, we are requesting that everyone continue to wear masks indoors, in our sanctuary, common areas, and be mindful of those in our congregation who may not be comfortable going without masks. We have members who are immuno-compromised, and we need to be mindful of each other’s health situations and comfort levels.

What if I am vaccinated but my children are not? Can we still attend in person services?
Anyone who is not vaccinated may attend, but they must remain masked at all times.

What about social distancing?
We are encouraging social distancing during all services and in our lobby areas. We encourage you to leave space between seats (maybe skip a row) when attending services.

When will we be able to return to our Onegs?
We all appreciate our KI sense of community gathering and celebration, but we will not be planning an Oneg anytime soon. We will provide “grab and go” wrapped treats after services and ask that our members not linger in the lobby.

Can I still attend services if I am not comfortable returning in person?
Absolutely! Services can be seen on our web site on StreamSpot and by Zoom. Check our Zoom Room and e-KI for more information. Adult Education, Torah Study, Rabbi Talk and most committee meetings will continue on Zoom.

What are KI’s plans for the High Holy Days?
For High Holidays 5782, we are excited to welcome to our campus all members who want to join us. Our current plan is to have services in the main sanctuary for those who are comfortable attending. There may be restrictions like requiring masks or adjusting the seating, depending on the health situation in September. Our current plan includes an online component for those who are uncomfortable with in‐person services or are unable to be at KI. We are also looking at the prospect of an outdoor component (weather permitting) for those who would like to come to KI on the holidays, but who are not ready to be indoors with such a large group.

Thank you for adhering to our COVID-19 Policies.
Janice Schwartz-Donahue
KI President