KI’s Ark of Loving Kindness

Our KI lobby and Tzedek Center is breathtaking right now.

 The lobby and Tzedek Center are filled with beautifully organized grocery bags abundantly filled with food for upcoming events in particular: Our HaMotzi Drive-Thru Dinner on Sunday, October 25 and the “Restock Your Pantry” for Cheltenham School Families in Need” on Wednesday, November 11.

This week’s Torah portion is Noah, and at KI, our “ark” is FULL of overflowing lovingkindness. In this moment, there is a rainbow of love coming from our synagogue and extending over our whole area and the greater Philadelphia area; because of your contributions of food and monetary donations. We are “Noah,” one who brings comfort, peace and righteousness to a time of challenge, to a time when food insecurity in our community is increasing due to the pandemic.

When we turn around the Hebrew letters in Noah’s name, we see “Chein” which means beauty. Our lobby and Tzedek Center looks like the aisles of a newly stocked grocery store. We know that when our beautifully filled grocery bags go into the cars of those in need, we are providing comfort those in need. What a mitzvah!!!!!

Please consider helping us in any way you can to bring a sense of peace, comfort and security to those in need. Here are the volunteer opportunities we have right now:

  1. Volunteer to fill the grocery bags. 
  2. Volunteer to help us on either or both of our dates.
  3. Bring the items that we collect on a regular basis.

Please contact Sue Fried or Paulette Sterman-Soroko to volunteer.

Thanks to all of your donations to the HaMotzi and Sharing is Caring Funds for the Virtual High Holy Day drive, we were able to purchase non-perishables to help keep supporting our HaMotzi programs, Abington Interfaith Food Pantry, several local pantries, and our own members in need. As well as the purchasing school supplies for the Lowell Elementary School.

We are like Noah who committed to a covenant with God by giving both beauty and comfort to those who are currently in need. Thank you for your overflowing generosity and kindness; you are the rainbow of hope and of love.


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    Sue Fried says:

    Thank you Cantor Amy!! This is the time to give back to our community, our family and friends. Our KI HaMotzi community distributes $4000.00 of non perishable food per month. If you have in date, non perishable items (no pork or shellfish) please contact KI. Contact info is in the article! Thank you and Vote!!

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