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Message from the KI President

Dear KI Congregants,

In his Yom HaShoah message, Rabbi reminded us that we must all stay strong, sane and “humane” during this time.

I have been seriously thinking about his words and how people that I know are acting during this most stressful of times. I came to the conclusion that our KI community is acting strong, sane and humane. We are acting in the moment and doing our best to continue doing acts of Tikkun Olam! I would like to share what some of my friends are up to:

●  I heard today that one of our congregants is having a special birthday celebration and that his friends are headed out in their cars for a birthday drive by. (I hope the weather holds out!)

●  A number of congregants who have sewing machines are continuing to produce masks to donate to nursing homes and local hospitals.

●  Our HaMotzi crew continue to donate food to our local food pantries and when anyone is in need the emails start flying fast and furious to our KI Caring Community.

●  Another KI Congregant recently got out of the hospital and her friends sent flowers while others made a few home cooked meals and dropped them off at her door. Everyone took photos so we were all able to share good wishes for healing.

●  Friends of mine are asking their “older” neighbors if they can add short grocery lists to their own when they go shopping and then drop them off at the door while practicing social distancing.

●  Advice on books to read or how to get groceries delivered or where to find paper goods on-line are all circulating.

●  Of course KI continues to Zoom Adult Ed programming and thoughts from the Rabbi and Cantor. You can tune in and stay connected to KI in many different ways.

These are just a few, now I would like to hear from you.

How are you staying strong, sane and humane?
What acts of kindness have you done today?
What are you and your friends doing to help one another?


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