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Mezuzot Needed for Spring Celebration 2023 Time Capsule



As part of this year’s Spring Celebration, Temple Judea Museum artist Leon Chudzinski is creating a three dimensional piece of art to act as a time capsule that will commemorate Rabbi Benjamin David’s Installation and this important year in KI’s history. It will be displayed at KI for the next 18 years and will be opened in the Hebrew year 5800.

How can you and your family be represented as part of the Time Capsule itself? The artist is looking to use family mezuzot from the homes of KI members to adorn the Time Capsule. In place of the Shema prayer, a scroll with your family name will be inserted behind your mezuzah and permanently mounted to the art piece. (You’ll also have the opportunity to write a postcard to the future to be put in the time capsule. The templated post cards will be provided in the coming days.)

The time capsule is being created through repurposing an old Torah ark from KI storage. The ark will be modified to look like an “aron” which will carry our message of hope to the Congregation of 5800.

We hope for every KI family to be part of the KI 5800 project. Donations of any unneeded mezuzot can help make the “KI 5800” a meaningful tribute. Our wish is to have congregants represented as a part of the piece to extend both their family’s and KI’s legacy into the future.

If you want your family to be a part of the “KI 5800” Time Capsule, please drop off or mail your mezuzot to the KI office in an envelope labeled with your family’s name with the notation “KI-5800” on the envelope. Thank you!

The mezuzot are needed ASAP so the artist can complete the concept and start making the piece. The success of the design depends on your families contribution! Mezuzot are needed by March 2023!

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