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Our 173rd Annual Meeting

Dear KI Congregants,

There is a lot of excitement building around our 173rd Annual KI Congregational Membership Meeting scheduled for this evening, June 11, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

As you know by now all our KI business meetings have transitioned to Zoom and procedures that we would normally follow at a typical Board Meeting are much less formal. Tonight, we will have a business meeting, as is required by our by-laws.

However, this year we will also have some incredibly special presentations that will celebrate our members. 

Following an opening “extraordinary” musical presentation, Rabbi Lance J. Sussman will begin our meeting with an engaging D’var. (I think Torah Turtle will also make a special appearance!) I will have the opportunity to share what happened during the first year of my Presidency, and our Treasurer, Isaak Kruger will give an important budget report. Our immediate past President and Chair of our Nominating Committee, Evonne Kruger, will share the new slate of officers with you, and then we will take a (Zoom) vote and approve our new slate.

In between the official KI business on the program, our very talented Cantor, Amy Levy, has put together a wonderful team to create a musical production dedicated to you!  Our talented musicians will sing “Let There Be Love and I Think It’s Going to Rain Today!” We will also hear from “Miss Liz” Sussman and her pre-school teachers, as well as Hazzan Tilman. I know we will be talking about this meeting for a long time to come, as tonight we will be ‘Celebrating KIndness: A Communal Musical Gathering!’ (As our Vice President, Andrew Altman, would remind you, KINDNESS BEGINS WITH KI!)

I hope the advertisements for this very special gathering have caught your eye and you are looking forward to “tuning” in for our meeting at 7:00 p.m. Make sure you check out the Zoom link on our KI Website.  As the advertisement says, “While we are physically apart, we are still together in spirit and purpose!”

I look forward to seeing you there!




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