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Parking Lot Construction

Phase Two of our Storm Water Retention Project started today. 

Several years ago the Greenfaith Task Force of KI and the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford (TTF) Watershed Partnership educated us about the negative environmental impact of water runoff from parking lots taking oil, rock salt and other pollutants into the local creeks. The underground stormwater system for KI includes rainwater from the roof, lawn and parking lot. As was typical of facilities built in the 1950’s the stormwater was piped into the streets along the curbs. From our 4.5 acre property the water would run down Meetinghouse & Township Line Roads and into the creek.
Through our collaboration with the TTF Watershed Partnership we were able to secure grants from the PA Dept of Environmental Protection’s Growing Greener Project and the PA Dept of Community and Economic Development Watershed Restoration and Protection Program.

KI’s seed money for the project and the grants enabled us to complete Phase One on the Township Line Road side of our property last year. The water is now stored underground until it can naturally be soaked into the soil. Phase Two will result in the addition of numerous rain garden features that will retain the water on the property. This requires some modifications to the parking lot design and the project will likely take around 6 weeks.

Please be patient and careful in the parking lot and park in designated areas.