Poem: Family

They call us the nuclear family
But we are not protons, electrons or neutrons.
We are just people
Living in relationship with one another
Sometimes connected by DNA,
Others linked by promises and vows
Of different types
from marriage to adoption.
We are family.
And when just one of our electrons goes out of orbit
And our atom of family love is disrupted
And our wholeness as people is instantly broken by illness, disease or loss;
An instant universal explosion of nuclear family energy is released,
As big as big bang itself,
And waves of love, energy and light
Go forth from our core
From our tiny nuclear family
And fill the whole universe with light and love
Until the atom of our nuclear family is stable again
And retakes its quiet place,
Among all the other billions of
Nuclear families
And a universe of quiet love is restored
And we become one again
In a cosmos of perfect harmony.
Rabbi Lance J Sussman
Nov 13,2020


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    Jack Markowitz says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery…we love you…

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