President’s Message: December 17, 2020.

Dear Congregants,

As a current member of WKI Sisterhood, and a past-President of our Sisterhood, I was asked to say a few words at Sisterhood Shabbat this year. I invite you all to our Shabbat Service on December 18th

Who isn’t familiar with Peter Yarrow’s song “Light One Candle” first sung by ‘Peter Paul and Mary’ in 1982, and how appropriate that “Light” is our theme for this year’s Sisterhood Shabbat.

Don’t let the light go out!
It’s lasted for so many years!

 I often think about the “lights of sisterhood” at KI. I know the song is about a battle and a miracle and suffering, but it is also about finding peace, having a strong belief system and keeping memories alive. Who does not need a little miracle right now? The foe the Maccabees fought has nothing on the foe we have been fighting this year, but our Sisterhood, will not let the light go out!

Our KI sisterhood was one of the first synagogue sisterhoods to organize in this country, founded in 1913, so in fact, it has lasted for so many years!

Originally called the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, advocacy was a large part of Sisterhood’s philosophy and women were in the forefront of social action and change. They began by embracing relief efforts during World War I – and fast forward to today – our HaMotzi Community dinners for the food insecure is just an example, to light a candle for those who are suffering.

Our Tzedek Center pantry has grown exponentially, our Sisterhood garden continues to thrive, our members plan with care weeks ahead of time to cook and distribute food. Other organizations have joined us to become helpers in our community. Not only has our parking lot become a local distribution site, but if anything is left over our WKI members are among those who personally deliver to other cupboards.

You will find Sisterhood members participating in all KI groups directly involved with Social Action and Social Justice.  You will find Women of KI on the Board of Directors and Trustees. You will find Sisterhood members attending services and supporting programming, sewing masks for others, checking in with our more senior members, delivering food, and even learning how to run Zoom meetings.

When we closed our building in March the first thoughts our Sisterhood members had was how could we continue HaMotzi, how could we continue to help others, and without question, we found that our hearts were filled with light for:

This is the burden, and this is the promise
And This is why we won’t fail!

Like the song says.

We won’t let the lights go out…


  1. Reply
    Paulette Sterman-Soroko says:

    A very productive meeting last night!
    Thanks for the lovely message about WKI. Remember your comments about the MBIEE bbq was the fuel that ignited the flame for HaMotzi.
    C u at services.

  2. Reply
    Caryl Levin says:

    Lovely message, Janice.

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