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President’s Remarks: 5783 Confirmation Ceremony

Welcome, Confirmands and families. Chag Sameach. It’s great to see you here tonight.

So you are Confirmands at your Confirmation. What exactly are you confirming? You’ve probably discussed this already with the Rabbi. The obvious answer is that you’re confirming your choice to live a Jewish life. 

Maybe to you that means enhancing your Jewish education, or a trip to Israel, or commitment to Tikun Olam, or serving other people in need. 

However you intend to extend your Jewishness, I offer you this promise: Keneseth Israel will be here for you. We, the congregants and clergy and staff and lay leaders, want to be your companions in your Jewish journey, whatever that might look like. 

As Cantor Levy tells it, KI has many open doors providing an entree into our synagogue community. As you find the one that fits your needs, I hope you continue to feel a sense of belonging here.

Thank you, parents and guardians, for your efforts in support of your child becoming a KI Confirmand tonight. You committed your time and the tuition, and at some point in the past, you made a conscious decision to raise your child in the Jewish faith here at KI, and that has made an enormous positive impact on the world.

I want to also thank your teachers, Rabbi David, Cantor Levy, Deb Rosen, the KI staff, and the entire KI community, for their tireless efforts to support you. None of this happens without their love of and dedication to our KI families. 

Finally, I hope you can pause, look around right now, and appreciate the people around you and how far you’ve come. Be present tonight, enjoy the moment. 

Mazel Tov to you all.