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Poems: “Until Then” & “A Time To Celebrate”

Until Then
Until then
Until the day when we really have to say goodbye forever,
Until then
Let us live tomorrow as a perfect promise of what we still hope to achieve today.
Until then
Fill us with the love we need like oxygen to breathe life in fully.
Until then
open our eyes
So that we may see clearly the beauty and the love that surrounded us from our very beginnings as people
to our present struggles and will always live within us.
Until then,
Until that final day on this earth,
Give us the confidence to know that somehow
whether through faith or grace or undying memory ,
we will be together
Until then
May we live in the eternity of the blessings we enjoy in this moment
in peace and in love
Rabbi Lance J Sussman, Ph.D. November 8, 2020
(from his hospital bed)

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