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We are Obligated at Passover

We are obligated at Passover
to see ourselves as if we too
have escaped from slavery to freedom.

So at our seder, past is always present.
We relive the journey, the miracle as the Red sea
suddenly opens. Then fear- having only moments
to decide to chance crossing or stay behind.

We dip bitter herbs(maror) into salt water
signifying tears as we remember the burden
of servitude. The later we have charoset
symbolizing weight of slavery
yet tasting of apples and honey
bringing hope of freedom and joy of redemption.

So this year my heart is filled with compassion
for the Ukrainian people. I have watched
as the Ukrainian people had to flee their homes
as bombs banged down destruction- leaving all that is familiar
leaving family, friends, their heritage. hopes and dreams.
I have applauded the courage of the Ukrainians
crossing into an unknown future with only faith
like Israelites of long ago escaping to freedom.

And at our seder table we remember.
we say a prayer for the Ukrainian people
to someday reclaim their home.
We also express our gratitude
for our health, our families, our choices, our freedom.

And we see how the past is always present.
For until there is no hatred, prejudice, war
or people who demand power over others –
No one of us can be truly free.

Sherri Waas Shunfenthal, 2022. Author of: ‘Journey into Healing,’ ‘Sacred Voices: Women of Genesis Speak,’ and ‘Seasons of Prayer’ Published by: Pocol Press