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I Choose to Renew

There was a time in my life when I had to make a critical decision as my KI
membership renewal information arrived. I was raising two daughters as a “single
parent,” and working as an elementary school teacher, with little extra to spare at
the end of each month. In those days, like today, I was happy that KI offered a
single parent option as a form of dues relief. I admit that I fell behind from time to
time, but giving my girls a “Jewish education” was a priority, and the fact that our
Executive Director was willing to work with me helped put my mind at ease. My
daughters were able to attend KI, and our family experienced the joy of their B’nai
Mitzvahs and Confirmation. Former KI students and teachers are still very much a
part of our lives. My daughter’s experiences at KI nurtured all of us as a family and
helped us through some exceedingly difficult years.

Because I could not “give” as much as was expected of me in those early
years, I felt that I could make up the difference by volunteering. Over the last 17
years, my support of this sacred community through volunteering, or being as
generous as my income would allow, has been a priority. I did not “set out” to
become a KI President, but moved slowly from Women of KI Secretary to Co-
President, to becoming a KI Trustee, then part of the Board of Directors, and finally
into the trusted position that I now hold.

In our letter to you this year, Rabbi Sussman and I asked that you help us
maintain our financial strength. Not only do we need to have strong finances, we
also need to maintain a strong sense of community during these overwhelming
times. I have trust in the KI that nurtured my daughters, and in the KI that helped
me through difficult times. Simply stated, there is strength in numbers! Therefore,
the more members we have, the greater our strength.

“Be strong, be strong, and let us strengthen one another” has greater
meaning today than ever before.




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