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Meyers Library June 2020 Update

This year a focus of KI is on Social Justice.  At Rosh Hashanah Rabbi Rigler delivered an impassioned speech on Social Justice. She mentioned many suggested books to read. As she spoke, I thought to myself that these titles are in our collection. It is interesting to note that while these titles are part of our library, and have been for many years, they had not been identified with the “Social Justice” Subject heading. They were listed as books on: Social Action; Anti-Semitism; Human Rights; Intergroup relations; menschlickeit; etc. 

A group of library volunteers worked since the fall to add the subject heading “Social Justice” to these titles to make them more accessible to library patrons. This task is almost complete.  We are into the final editing and review of books. I invite you to look at the titles in our Social Justice collection.  Are there any titles in the list which should not be there? Are there others which should be added?  

You can access this list by going to the Keneseth Israel web site, Click on “Our Campus.”  Click on Meyers Library. Click on the line that says “What is in our collection.” Enter Social Justice into the search bar.  Be sure that either subject or key word is the identifier.  Click on the search button.  This should produce the list of the 124 books with a Social Justice classification.

This is another reminder that on Wednesday August 12 at 1pm we will meet via Zoom to discuss The Song of the Jade Lily by Kirsty Manning. 

Song of the Jade Lily is a work of historical fiction that tells the story of Jewish refugees who fled to Shanghai during World War II. In 1939 two young girls meet on the boat to Shanghai.  They develop a very strong friendship. The second part of the story is a fast forward to 2016 Australia.  Alexandra has broken up with her boyfriend. Her Grandfather is dying. Her Grandparents start to reveal secrets from their past as Jewish refugees in Shanghai. There are hidden secrets about Alexandra’s family that she wants to learn.  This is a story about love, friendship, motherhood and courage.

There is much to discuss in this book. I have already heard several rave reviews from library patrons who have read the book.

We are continuing with our foyer pick up and return of library books. Email the titles that you wish to borrow to If the book is in the library, we will notify you and sign out the book in your name. The book, identified with your name, will be placed in a wire bin in the main lobby foyer.  Call the KI Office and let them know when you plan to pick up the book. Someone must be in the office to buzz you into the building.

Happy Reading,

Ellen Tilman
Director of Library Services
Meyers Library

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